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XGZN3 series AC (permanent magnet) vacuum contactor

XGZN3 series AC (permanent magnet) vacuum contactor

- overview:
XGZN3 series AC high voltage vacuum switch (hereinafter referred to as: vacuum switch) used in the main circuit of AC 50-60HZ, rated voltage 12KV, rated current is switched on, the power network for remote 630-1250A in breaking and frequent starting and control of AC motor, suitable and fuse with various protection device instead of vacuum circuit breaker.
Type meaning
Using environmental conditions
1, the ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 DEG C, not less than -10 DEG C (plateau type -25 C).
2, the installation site altitude is not more than 2000 meters.
3, the relative humidity of the air, the wet month average maximum relative humidity is 90%, the average monthly minimum temperature of 25 degrees, and taking into account the temperature changes in the product table
Surface condensation.
4. No obvious shake and shock vibration occasions.
5, in the absence of explosive danger in the place, and the place is not enough to corrosion and insulation of the gas and dust (including conductive dust).
Technical data


Outline and installation dimensions


    Figure 1 common type



   Figure 2 special plateau type

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