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Measuring principle of vacuum degree of vacuum switch for capacitor switching

author: Release time:2017-03-10 Browse times:434
Xiao Bian learned that the use of capacitors in our lives to switch the vacuum switch there are many places, the use of vacuum switches when the need to pay attention to the measurement of vacuum. Today Xiaobian to introduce you to the vacuum switch vacuum measurement principle.
At present, the vacuum degree of vacuum switch tube is measured by pulsed magnetron discharge method. The measuring principle circuit is shown in figure 1. The vacuum switch tube is arranged in the center of the electromagnetic coil. When the coil passes through the current, a longitudinal magnetic field is generated between the electrodes of the vacuum switch tube. If the addend kV DC voltage in separate electrodes, discharge will produce a measurable effect. This is due to the electric field and magnetic field near the contact in almost perpendicular to a small amount of free electrons in vacuum switch tube deflection on the way to the anode, the electronic part into circular or spiral path, which significantly increases the freedom of movement and in the way of electronic gas molecular collision ionization the probability to obtain a stable discharge current can be measured.
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