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Selection of rated power of vacuum contactor

author: Release time:2017-03-10 Browse times:417
Xiao Bian today will introduce you to how to select the rated parameters of vacuum contactor.
Xiao Bian learned: according to the controlled object and working parameters such as voltage, current, power, frequency and working system to determine the rated parameters of vacuum contactor.
1, the coil voltage of the contactor, generally should be low as well, so that the insulation requirements of the contactor can be reduced, the use is also more secure. However, in order to facilitate and reduce equipment, often according to the actual grid voltage selection.
2 motor operating frequency is not high, such as compressors, pumps, fans, air conditioners, presses, etc., the rated current of the contactor is greater than the rated current. Contactor type can choose CJl0, CJ20, etc..
3) on motor task type, such as the main motor, machine tool equipment, lifting winch, crusher and so on, the average operating frequency of more than 100 times / min, running on the starting spot to move forward and reverse braking and braking state, the contactor can choose CJl0Z, CJl2 type. In order to ensure the electrical life, can reduce the use of contactor. When selected, the rated current of the contactor is greater than the rated current of the motor.
4) for severe motor tasks, such as printing machine, boring machine, high operation frequency, up to 600 ~ 12000 / h, often run for starting, braking and reverse state, roughly according to the electrical life of contactor and the starting current selection, model selection, CJl2 CJl0Z contactor.
5 when the capacitor in the AC circuit is put into the power grid or removed from the power grid, the contactor should be considered when the capacitor is switched on. In general, the rated current of the contactor can be selected by 1.5 times the rated current of the capacitor, and the model is CJ10, CJ20, etc..
6 when using the contactor to control the transformer, the surge current should be considered. For example, AC arc welding machine, resistance welding machine, etc., can generally choose 2 times the rated current of the transformer contactor, model selection CJl0, CJ20, etc..
7 for electric heating equipment, such as resistance furnace, electric heater, the load resistance of the cold state is small, so the starting current should be larger. When the contactor is used, it is not necessary to consider the starting current. Models can choose CJl0, CJ20, etc..
8 due to the gas discharge lamp starting current, the starting time is long, for the control of lighting equipment, according to the rated current 1.1 ~ 1.4 times the AC contactor, the model can choose CJl0, CJ20, etc..
9) contactor rated current is the maximum allowable current contactor in the long-term work of the duration is less than or equal to 8h, and is mounted on the control panel open, if the cooling conditions, the contactor, the contactor rated by 110% ~ 120% load rated current selection. For a long time of the motor, because of its oxide film has no opportunity to get rid of, so that the contact resistance increases, resulting in the contact temperature exceeds the allowable temperature rise. When the utility model is used, the rated current of the contactor can be reduced by 30%.
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